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Electrical engineering is an important line of business for our company. Indeed, it is a field of action in which we have achieved a high degree of expertise as a result of the experience accumulated in the performance of control and surveillance duties on linear works. We specialize in a wide range of disciplines and technologies, thus making it possible for us to apply this acquired knowledge and experience to wide variety of projects within the field of Electrical engineering. Our know-how enables us to offer integrated, creative, yet realistic solutions that are highly innovative and possess a large degree of added value, given our ability to provide the technical and human resources needed to achieve the goals being pursued.
• Rural and Urban Electrification
• Industrial Engineering Services
• Electrical Installation and maintenance
• Power Generation and Transmission
• Electrical Instrumentation;
• Industrial Safety Consultancy Services;
• Manufacturing of Automatic Voltage Regulators
• Fabrication of Generating Set 3KVA – 40KVA
• Telecommunication Reticulation Works
• Electrical Reticulation in Buildings and Sub-Station Planning and Control

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